interlined curtains for warmth

私の住む地域の今朝の気温はマイナス3度❄️ 最高気温も2度の予想でしたが、こちらは4度まで上がりました。それでも4度。

今日みたいに凍て付く日は、ついついヒーターの温度を上げてしまいたくなりますが、室温を暖かく保つ他の手としては、soft furnishingの観点から言うと、interliningと言うちょっと厚手の中綿生地を挟んだカーテンを使うこと。


The temperature in my area was -3 degrees Celsius this morning! That was freezing❄️. To keep yourself warm, one of the eco-friendly ways is to choose interlined curtains for your house. This is domett cotton interlining. It is quite thick but light and warm☺️

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9 years being a mum


This is the birthday cake for my son’s football themed birthday party. We are not fans of icing, so usually make a cream cake. I am not very happy with this birthday cake this year, but my son gave me a compliment by saying this was “better” than the chocolate cake I baked for him last year, which I thought WAS better!

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should be enough…

明日は息子の誕生日パーティ🎉 毎年手作りするケーキを、今年も焼いてます。

We are holding a birthday party tomorrow for our son who is turning 9 years old! I am baking a cake this year, too, and it is going to be a football themed cake as he asked. I think I have made enough genoise and all I need to do now is to make it football themed… Should be fine, hopefully.



this time of the year

12月の第2金曜日は、今勤めている会社のクリスマスパーティ🎉 毎年ロンドン市内のホテルで行われます。

My company invite its employees to Christmas Party at a London hotel on the 2nd Friday of December every year. You can bring one guest to the party and I was accompanied by a good friend of mine this year. This is my first time in three years to attend the party.


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長男が手作りのAdvent Calendarを持って帰って来ました。

This is a handmade advent calendar. My son created this with match boxes in Art lesson at school. It is neatly made and so pretty!


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cushion cover with piping – beige with white stars – complete


The cushion cover is completed, but we need to get one more thing ready – a cushion pad! How could I forget to buy one till now???

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school uniform cushions

今日は長男の学校で行われたクリスマス・フェア(Winter Fayre)に行ってきました。下の写真は、学校の受付ホール。ソファに並ぶ4つのクッションは、卒業生から寄付された、不要になった制服や体操服などを、クッションに仕立て直したもの。こちらでは結構見かけますが、制服だけではなく、例えば思い出のベビー服や子供服をクッションカバーやブランケットに仕立て直したものもあります。思い出も取っておけて実用的。とってもいいアイデアです(^^)

4 School uniform cushions at my son’s school reception. This is a very good idea as it is practical and you can keep memories, too. I do not think I have seen something like this in Japan.

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samples delivered, but…


Another batch of swatches arrived, but all patterned ones are not what I ordered! They were “out of stock”, they say. Now I need to look for more.

( ̄^ ̄)ゞえーっと、でも、なんか違うなぁ…と思ったら、「サンプル在庫切れでして…。」との但し書き。なので、似た色で違うものを送ってくれました…。

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